Magi véniunt ab Oriénte Jerosólymam, quæréntes, et dicéntes: Ubi est qui natus est, cujus stellam vídimus? Et vénimus adoráre Dóminum...


Today is the 4th day infra Octavam Epiphaniae; the Mass celebrated at Barroux is In excelso throno of the Sunday infra Octavam, which is, in the Ioannes XXIII arrangement of the Sacred Liturgy, the 1st post Epiphaniam. (And in that wonderful work of the liturgists' art it is 'January 9', ahem.) 

Unusually, I have to be out again this morning and so will probably miss the streaming of Holy Mass from Saint-Eugène at 1000 for the second day in a row; not a catastrophe of course but this circumstance continues me in doubt as to which Mass was celebrated there; In excelso throno, probably, but it is just as likely that today will see a votive Mass. Eh. Tomorrow.