Dum médium siléntium tenérent ómnia, et nox in suo cursu médium iter perágeret, omnípotens Sermo tuus, Dómine, a regálibus sédibus venit, allelúja...


Today is the Vigil of Our Lord's Epiphany, and the commemoration of the feast of the Martyr Pope Saint Telesphorus. In the delightful arrangement of Ioannis XXIII it is 'the 5th day of January', eh, but if I recall correctly it was his predecessor Pius XII who 're-arranged' (that is, in other words and more precisely, suppressed) the Octaves and Vigils. At Barroux was celebrated the Mass Puer natus est nobis (the texts are on Wednesday's page), as I suppose will be done at Saint-Eugène, also. 

This morning I'm at last going to catch the city bus at 0700ish in order to deal with my 'errand'. Ever since I turned 65, I've been entitled to travel on the LTD system without paying the fare ('for free', as they like to say). Since I use it to get to Mass and for nothing else, out of habit and inertia I've continued to hand over my $1.75 each time but no longer! Since I'll be 67 in September, it is about time. Depending on when I am able to catch the return bus, I may be able to stop also at the pharmacy. One drug is waiting but the other one is not (as of yesterday noon, anyway); 'supply issues', again. Better not to take the chance that they'll put the one back into their great cache of drugs waiting to be dispensed, I reckon (although I've been assured on the telephone, ahem, that they will not do this); it has been on the shelf with my name for over a week at this point. Now to Prime.

Post Tertiam. All went according to plan. Ah, M le Curé at Saint-Eugène is celebrating the Mass Cogitationes Cordis eius, of the Most Sacred Heart, it being the First Friday of the month.