The Octave of the feast of Our Lord's Ascension...

 Allelúja, Christum Dóminum ascendéntem in cælum, alleluia, veníte adorémus, allelúja.

Today is the Octave of the feast of the Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ, with or without a commemoration of Pope Saint Urban or Pope Saint Gregory VII depending upon which Missale one is consulting. At Barroux, the monks sang the Mass of Pope Gregory VII (the Mass Statuit ei Dominus in the Graduale triplex of Solesmes but Si diligis me in the 1920 Missale Romanum, so we shall see) with a commemoration of Pope Saint Urban I, since of course there is in fact no Octave unless one is using a pre-Pius XII and Ioannes XXIII Missale. At Saint-Eugène, the ten o'clock hour will reveal all. 

Hmm. Something seems screwy with Blogger; as I try to upload the score (an image) for Statuit ei Dominus I can't, and am getting a notice that I need to sign in to Gmail (where I'm already quite properly signed in, thanks very much) which is broken and unproductive. Hmm. Videos? The same result. I will restart the laptop; that seems to cure all ills, in some cases, anyway. 

The Mass at Barroux was Si diligis me, ha, but I still can't access images and videos, tsk. Oh, well, it is time for a walk; will try this again on my return. A beautiful Dawn has happened while I've fussed here although Phoebus isn't yet visible above the horizon of the trees, not for another quarter of an hour or so; it is in the upper 40s F. yet again this morning. 

A splendid morning although an uneventful walk: no ducks, no turkeys, no loud gaggles of joggers. I 'cleared the cache' as suggested by Blogger but, pft, am still unable to download images and videos here. Eh. I wonder if I did something to cause this-- 'user error' being always a possibility. Will attempt inserting an image here on the other laptop. That didn't work, either. 

Half an hour or so before Holy Mass at Saint-E. Scones are in the oven and I baked brownies before breakfast. It is a glass baking dish. A pan of brownies? A dish of brownies? A 'batch of brownies' is what I ought to have settled on. 

10:02 and the candles are burning; one of the servers is finishing preparing the credence table. There's the bell; the celebrant looks to be and indeed is Pater Thomas SJ. He is saying the Mass Si diligis me of Saint Gregory VII with commemoration of Saint Urban I. 

It occurred to me to try a different browser. And that did the trick. Am I to suspect that Google/Blogger are in cahoots with Microsoft to 'incentivize' a move to Edge from Brave? I've been using it happily enough for a couple of years. 

I think that it's too late in the morning to go back and add all the texts here but at least I know what I may need to do in the morning.



  Festo Sancti Urbani I Papae et Martyris, Abbaye Sainte-Madeleine du Barroux, Saint-Eugène-Sainte-Cécile