It's the fourth day within the Octave of Our Lady's Assumption...

In the Traditional Rite and we are returned to having 'heat advisories' and baking, so to say, throughout the day and into the early night; mid- to upper 90s. I don't believe the temperature has dropped below 65 since about 1000 yesterday morning. Eh. It is the feast of the Roman martyr Saint Agapitus, traditionally sub Aureliano imperatore so ante 275 although I think this date is uncertain, ahem. Saint Agapitus, "whose mass anyone can find who looks for it in the more recent sacramentaries, that is in the massbooks", is also noted today in the Old English Martyrology (as one can read here).

I chose that work of Ralph Vaughan Williams because I've never heard it before. Lovely for this cloudy very summery morning. 

The Mass of Saint Agapitus is Laetabitur iustus in Domino.

Didn't know until moments ago that Caravaggio had painted a Beheading of Saint Agapitus. 

The Gradual for today is from Psalm 36,24, Justus cum cecíderit, non collidétur: quia Dóminus suppónit manum suam followed by verse 26, Tota die miserétur, et cómmodat : et semen eius in benedictióne erit.

And the Alleluia verse is Qui séquitur me, non ámbulat in ténebris : sed habébit lumen vitæ ætérnæ, John 8,12.

The antiphona ad Offertorium is Posuísti, Dómine, in cápite eius corónam de lápide pretióso : vitam pétiit a te, et tribuísti ei, allelúia (Psalm 20,4-5).

And the antiphona ad Communionem is Qui mihi mínistrat, me sequátur : et ubi sum ego, illic et miníster meus erit (John 12,26).

It has been cooling slightly, with a breeze, for the last half hour; too much to hope that this lasts the day but perhaps Phoebus will be lazy and not break through the clouds for another hour or so; it's 0710. 

Time for Holy Mass steamed from Saint-Eugène. The Sun has still not fully broken through the cloud cover at 1000, and I will hazard the opinion that, contrary to what the mages' currently say, it isn't almost 80 degrees-- in any case, a bit of hope that it won't be 100 later on. Fr Grodziski is the celebrant of the Mass today, which is in fact Vultum tuum deprecabuntur, used to honor the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady, so M. Grodziski is using the votive Mass to mark the fourth day in the Octave, as is his right when a feast of the quarta classis occurs in the 1962 arrangement of things instituted by Ioannes XXIII (not that the Octave remained in that guazzabuglio), with commemoration of Saint Agapitus. And the Credo (which surprised me, a bit) is certainly retained in the Octave, at least in my 1939 ordo.

M. Grodziski said the Offertory antiphon Recordare Virgo, ut supra, which is used in more than one 'Marian' Mass. The fact is I'm stumped as to which Mass he's celebrating, ha; it doesn't seem to be the Holy Name of Mary, else the Offertory antiphon would be Ave Maria....  Ah, it's good that it is true, however, that whichever form of words is used the Mass is the Mass. Each Thursday-- one can see the altar being prepared with the veiled, empty monstrance and the candelabra as the stream is ending-- from what is in Paris soon to be about the hour of eight o'clock until midnight the Most Blessed Sacrament is exposed for the worship of the people, with a holy hour (i.e. prayers recited, mediations read, probably a hymn or two) at 2200. Fridays, too, but only for an hour post Missam, specifically for France. 


(as someone asked the other day, that is Laus Deo Virginique Matri, praise God and His Virgin Mother)