Dawn is just awaking and I can't yet see if...

Cloudiness is obscuring the skies or simply the night still. It is the night, not clouds. There is a 'heat advisory' again, with which nonsense I had hoped we were done until next July. But how the season has progressed! still more or less dark at a quarter to six in the morning. 

It is the feast of Saint Rose of Lima (or, if one returns to the Kalendarium of 1570, the feast of Saints Felix and Adauctus Martyrs). Yesterday, fussing with the news that my Father had died, I missed Mass streamed from Saint-Eugène; may well do so again today since Mass at the parish is at 0800 and given the nonsense with the buses and the slowness of my walking I suspect I won't be back by 1000. But we shall see.