Veníte, fílii, audíte me: timórem Dómini docébo vos...

 Deus, cujus providéntia in sui dispositióne non fállitur: te súpplices exorámus; ut nóxia cuncta submóveas, et ómnia nobis profutúra concédas. Per Dóminum.

Today is Tuesday in the 7th week post Pentecosten. At Le Barroux, the Mass of Sunday will be sung, Omnes gentes pláudite mánibus. If I'm reading the ordo correctly the monks also will commemorate the Holy Martyrs of Orange (here and here). It is approximately 102° F.
(at about approximately 1800) and while the morning will be significantly cooler I've made the executive decision simply to link to Sunday's Mass here.

At Saint-Eugène, M l'Abbé Grodziski celebrated Holy Mass; he is vested in white and I cannot for the life of me tell which Mass he's saying. It isn't the Mass of the Virgin Saint Veronica Giuliani (which is provided pro aliquibus locis in the Missale supplement at Ah, perhaps of Our Lord Jesus Christ High Priest? I simply cannot hear the audio, even during the homily. Either Fr G. has another throat infection or else he has the microphone badly adjusted... or perhaps the audio on my old laptop here is failing. But since Le Barroux (and the coughers at Saint-E.) have been perfectly audible this morning, I don't think the issue is here. The YouTube person at Saint-E. commented (if I am reading allumés correctly) that 'the microphones of the choir haven't been turned on this evening'. Hmm.

As I begin the video-recording of Holy Mass from Le Barroux, I see it is the Mass of the Holy Martyrs of Orange. The proper parts I may be able to hunt up but the orations, eh.

The Introit is Me exspectaverunt

The lesson is from the Apostle's First Epistle to the Corinthians, De virginibus autem praeceptum Domini non habeo....

The Graduale is Adiuvabit eam.

The Alleluia is Haec est virgo.

The Gospel is from the 13th chapter of Saint Matthew, Dixit Iesus discipulis suis parabolam hanc... inventa autem una pretiosa margarita.

The Offertorium is Diffusa est.

The Communio is Feci iudicium et iustitiam.