Surréxit Pastor bonus, qui ánimam suam pósuit pro óvibus suis, et pro grege suo mori dignátus est, alleluia...

 Ego sum pastor bonus: et cognósco meas et cognóscunt me meæ. Sicut novit me Pater, et ego agnósco Patrem, et ánimam meam pono pro óvibus meis.

Today is Monday infra Hebdomadam IIam post Octavam Paschae; at Le Barroux Sunday's Mass, Misericordia Domini plena est terra alleluia, was celebrated. I expect to miss Mass from Saint-Eugène, alas. 

Today is another morning of errands-- the city bus to the University library, back to the Sheldon branch of the public library (in order to collect, I hope, the federal and state tax forms, to be postmarked a day late), and then to the supermarket-- so will simply link to yesterday's page

As I recall, last year I didn't even remember about the taxes until after the 15th; since the library people had put the supply of forms into the incinerator by whatever point that was I had to fuss about downloading them and then printing them out at the UPS Store (which, like the Sheldon branch of the Eugene Public Library and the supermarket, is, along with a liquor store and a McDonald's restaurant, conveniently located at Sheldon Plaza). How many days after the legal due date it was when they were received at their respective offices I don't know but the fact is I owed no taxes, my only reportable income being from the Social Security Administration and that less than $11,000, so pursuing penalties for my criminal negligence wouldn't have occurred even to the most perfervid or deranged of IRS agents.

Ha; am now recalling that I misread the instructions to the Oregon form, ending up owing the state some hundreds of dollars-- which error, when once the moment of panic had passed and I corrected myself, required a second trip to the UPS Store to print out another copy of the form since the one instruction that they took care to print multiple times, both in the instruction pamphlet and then on the form itself, was do not make corrections on (this) form. If I make a similar mistake this time, perhaps I'll make the correction on the form itself. We shall see how reckless I can actually be.

Or I could, I suppose, pick up two copies of the form this morning, in case of accident.