Had never heard of Blessed Agnès de Jésus...

But, in fussing about with the Martyrology for tomorrow, the 19th October i.e. Quartodecimo Kalendas Novembris, I was puzzled by the discordance in the reporting of the Dominican's year of death.

That page-- from the Holy See's web-site, although I neglected to save the address-- says that her beatification occurred on 20 November 1994 (which is what I see elsewhere) and that she lived from 1847 until 1908, which must be a simple error in the editing. I wondered if perhaps that 61 year period might be a reference to something other than her lifespan but in the other two cases visible in that screensave it certainly represents the lifespan of the beatus and beata concerned. 

The Martyrologium recentior reads:

Langiaci [Langeac] ad Elaver [Allier] flumen in Gallia, Beatae Agnetis a Iesu Galand, virginis ex Ordine Praedicatorum, quae, coenobii priorissa, ardenti in Iesum Christum eminuit amore ac studio erga Ecclesiam, continuas offerens orationes et poenitentias pro eius pastoribus (1639).

But the French Bishops' Conference web-site Nominis gives her year of death as 1634 (as does every other page I had the patience to look at).

Blessed Agnes of Jesus, pray for the Bishops of Holy Church, and for us.