A cold and frosty morning...

But again bright and sunny. I napped for an hour or so after the wonderful Holy Mass from Paris begun at 0200 so missed Dawn, although I vaguely knew she was making a spectacle of herself-- 'napping' is scarcely ever sound sleep, not in the mornings anyway. This series of five or six? days of temperatures below freezing has, so far as I can recall anyway, already beaten last year in terms of sustained chilliness: a good in itself, from my point of view, but also a good for the farmers in that it will have killed off nasty bugs that would otherwise cause troubles in the new growing season... so I vaguely remember reading anyway. Vespers is underway. The five antiphons of the Psalms.

The hymn from the Parisian Office for the feast.

And the antiphon Qui vult venire post me of the Magnificat.

And then the commemorations of the last Sunday post Pentecosten and of Saint Cecilia are sung, with their appropriate orations of course; the livret is here.

At Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament inter alia the hymn Sancti Eugenii digna memoria of the feast was reprised from the Mass, sans orchestre

Dr Ratovondrahety's improvisation as the clergy left the sanctuary was magnificent.