It certainly didn't feel particularly chilly...

When I went out for a walk earlier, post Missam at Saint-Eugène, at perhaps 0420 or so, but having been reading here before and after Lauds and that Radio Courtoisie program I find myself shivering-- I guess I will stand up and say Prime and then eat breakfast: will warm up eventually. The Moon in its fulness was quite splendid, and Jupiter and Mars, and Dawn seemed to have only a quickly passing phase of a faded sort of pink before the whiteness of Day came upon us. Vespers from Saint-Eugène streams in about an hour; am anticipating substituting the proper for Saint Dionysius here later on. Hmm. Perhaps all? perhaps just the hymn and collect.... 

The fourth Psalm begins next.

May our Bishops be likewise indignant at the rampant idolatry that afflicts our res publica!

The prose Gaude prole Graecia was chanted, and the great antiphon Benedicat nos, Deus Pater. While I'm much appreciating Dr Ratovondrahety's improvisation at the organ, I believe that my church-going, real from yesterday and virtual from two this morning, is at an end for the day, apart from the Hours remaining. In fact, I believe a nap is appropriate at this point. 


The video recording of Vespers for the feast.