Father Gommar DePauw served to introduce me to the world...

Of the Traditional Mass. Someone at Facebook kindly posted this video. I never met the man, although I seem to remember an exchange of letters; he was based in New York and I believe I was in Oxford in Ohio then, still playing about at the university there. The chronology doesn't seem quite right, however; hmm. There is a page at Wikipedia devoted to Father DePauw. 'The Catholic Traditionalist Movement', eh; would never have thought of that organisation again; evidently it continues to be maintained.

No idea of his ecclesiastical history and don't have the inclination this afternoon to search about etc but requiescat in pace

Why is the lady bug crawling along the window frame? What is it looking for, why is it crawling along the metal edge?  It is a... I have to get moving in order to get to Holy Mass at 1730, tsk.

Have looked through some of the material at the CTM website and, good heavens, do I recall an image here and there. What a difference, in a material sense, between Father DePauw's lonely crusade from 1964 onward and what happens with the world of the Traditional Mass in 2022. Such a tragedy, such painful losses! I cannot look at any more this evening.