Well, well, I am surprised...

Rain has just begun to fall, and a real rain shower, too, not the quasi-mist that has happened on a couple of occasions in the last several weeks. Today is the feast of the sanctissimi ac dulcissimi Name of Mary, which I'm sure one of those who know will have described for us (indeed, looking about: Dr DiPippo on the feasts of the Octave and Dr Foley on today's feast itself), and the 5th day infra Octavam Nativitatis Beatissimae Virginis

I had forgotten the connection with croissants.

That was 0609. Now it is 0613 and the rain has stopped. No wonder it feels as if humidity is high-- 96%, according to the one coven (the 'iPad coven'; there is also the 'Samsung coven'-- the small tablet that I bought years ago when tablets had become 'a thing' which I use as my alarm clock now-- and then the other ones which all go by the name the 'Internet coven') of mages (which had predicted half an hour of rain... for yesterday). The Mass Vultum tuum deprecabuntur is proper to today. 

Had never seen August Löhle's name; he seems to have composed a number of Masses in honor of Our Lady, however. There is nothing in Wikipedia for our Hermann August Löhle (1859-1919), not in German or English or French. There was a CD of some sort featuring his music at Presto Classical but that is an artefact online of some years ago, I guess. A search at IMSLP for August Löhle returns a Mass for the Name of Mary attributed to the composer Ignaz Mitterer; odd.