The good people of Twitter have been schooling...

Me about the differences between Čzecha (which seems to be the feminine adjective, as in Čzecha Republika) and Čzecho which is the name of the Czech state (that includes the Czechs, the Moravians, and the Czech Silesians; Čzechy is the term in geography) and Chechia, which seems to be a word created to use in place of the formal but admittedly cumbersome Čzecha Republika

Am easily distracted but I believe I got all of that right. I decided to listen to a Czech composer unknown to me, and more or less randomly settled on Jan Křtitel Václav Kalivodus, Johann Baptist Wenzel Kalliwoda in German. (And I see that Father Grodziski was correct to point out in his homily this morning that Saint Wenceslaus's name in Czech is Václav; I will admit I doubted.)