Sunrise is noted to be in about an hour...

And while it is still as dark as it is I cannot be sure but it seems to me that the sky remains darkened by smoke from the wildfires although any odor is scarcely detectable. Yesterday we had the prediction that we would go from 50 to 96 degrees; the one coven of mages did say that we had reached 92 by five o'clock or so but I may doubt that: I put on a long-sleeved shirt when it was 50 and never did change out of it until bedtime. The fire clouds overhead (it was overcast the entire day, from 0800 or whenever the clouds-and-smoke happened) must have made the 80s and 90s feel like 70 all afternoon long, I suppose. Today is the feast of Saint Nicholas Tolentino and Holy Mass has already been said at Saint-Eugène so I ought to be able to add that recording here.

I have errands to do this morning and then of course must go out in the later afternoon to get to Saint Mary's by 1730.

Have been listening on and off to Alessandro Stradella's Santa Editta vergine e monaca, regina d'Inghilterra sung by Ensemble Mare Nostrum in a recording from 2016. 

Watched a video recording of the signing of the Accession Proclamation in Ottawa. It was read out first in English and then in French-- whether the salute of guns that began when the English reading was finished ought to have been delayed until the French was completed, I don't know. Perhaps or probably. But it was a pleasure to hear the words pronounced by the herald: vive le Roi! We can pray that the reign of the third Charles (unlike those of the first and second) remains unspotted by any additions to the Martyrologium Romanum.