It is still the night before Dawn begins...

To wake; woke rather earlier today than has been usual and it is not yet half past five. Today is to be notable, perhaps, for the largest temperature range since I've been paying attention to this: the weather mages are saying that it is to be 50 at 0700 and 96 later on-- 46 degrees. Although looking just now to confirm my recollection, I see that 96 is now predicted to be 95. We are supposed to be sensible of the smoke in the air, too-- there is an 'air quality alert'-- but I haven't detected any scent at all, and I've been awake since before 0400. 

Depending upon which of the versions of the Missal one attends to, today is either the 2nd day infra Octavam Nativitatis Beatissimae Virginis or the feast of Saint Gorgonius Martyr. Or, in the masterwork of Ioannes XXIII, the Friday in the 13th week post Pentecosten with a commemoration of Saint Gorgonius. Eh. My guess is that the celebrant at Saint-Eugène will say the Mass Respice with commemoration of the holy Martyr, since they seem to be hewing pretty closely to the Ioannes XXIII scheme of things in these days when a maniacal antipathy toward the Roman Rite has seized the authorities at the Holy See: the 1960s Missal may be the one best calculated not to provoke in them an episode of rage. But 1000 will arrive soon enough. 

Am going to turn on the BBC for half an hour, ante Primam, to see if it is still the case that only BBC 3 is playing music. I have a difficult time believing that their audience will stand for ten days of classical music only but, who knows. 

And that undertaking is off since while I see that the prepared 'sequences of music' continue to be broadcast on 3 I'm not prepared at this hour to turn to each of the channels simply to know the answer to my question.

Post Primam. There was a spectacular fiery orange underedge of cloud as Dawn climbed up from her bed of repose, perhaps due to smoke in the air; but I still smell nothing. And I see from Twitter comments that at least one of the BBC channels is returned to broadcasting nonsense, although it may have been (now that I am about to write this I'm doubtful about what I saw) chatter about her Late Majesty or King Charles.