Distracted by the televised session...

Of the Parliament of Scotland, assembled to offer condolences to Charles III on the death of the Late Queen, I missed the streaming of Holy Mass from Saint-Eugène on this feast of the Holy Name of Mary, tsk. The Queen seemed rather uncomfortable for the first minute or so at her chair on the rostrum. I'm sure the world would see me sniffling and scratching and doing all sorts of other rude things were I required to sit for an hour for a close-up television broadcast: the camera would pan to see just as I was....

Introitus. Vultum tuum deprecabúntur omnes dívites plebis: adducéntur Regi Vírgines post eam: próximæ ejus adducéntur tibi in lætítia et exsultatióne. Ps. ibid., 2. Eructávit cor meum verbum bonum: dico ego ópera mea Regi. V. Glória Patri. Ant. Vultum tuum.

Graduale. Benedícta et venerábilis es, Virgo María: quæ sine tactu pudóris invénta es Mater Salvatóris. V. Virgo, Dei Génetrix, quem totus non capit orbis, in tua se clausit víscera factus homo.

Allelúja, allelúja. V. Post partum, Virgo, invioláta permansísti: Dei Génetrix, intercéde pro nobis. Allelúja.

Offertorium. Luc. 1,28 et 42. Ave, María, grátia plena; Dominus tecum: benedícta tu in muliéribus, et benedíctus fructus ventris tui.

Communio. Beáta víscera Maríæ Vírginis, quæ portavérunt ætérni Patris Fílium.

The silly bird-- a Steller's jay-- flew off with a peanut to one of the trees that borders the back yard while one of his brethren and one of his more distant cousins (i.e. a scrub jay) flew back and forth both of them intent on a tossed peanut still on the ground. They having scared each other off, for the moment anyway, it, the Steller's jay, flew back to the scene of the dispute with the peanut still in its beak and, after letting it fall to the ground, seized the one that had been disputed by the two other birds. 

If the pinyon jay-- pinyon jays are their own genus, Gymnorhinus-- can end up in Saskatchewan being resident in central Oregon, I'm going to suppose that one or two mad birds might show here, too. I have my eyes open for 'em when they alight.