A splendid walk earlier, in the bright morning sun...

With the temperature remaining in the upper 50s or very low 60s F. Today is again a feria, and so we shall soon see which Mass is celebrated at Saint-Eugène, Respice of Sunday, another votive Mass, or, perhaps, the Mass of Saint Gauzelin, proper to Nancy and Toul but, eh.

Tulli in Lotharingia, sancti Gauzlini, episcopi, qui disciplinam monasticam fovit (962).

But Respice it is. 

Introitus. Ps. 73, 20,19 et 23. Réspice, Dómine, in testaméntum tuum, et ánimas páuperum tuórum ne derelínquas in finem: exsúrge, Dómine, et júdica causam tuam, et ne obliviscáris voces quæréntium te. Ps. ibid., 1. Ut quid, Deus, reppulísti in finem: irátus est furor tuus super oves páscuæ tuæ? ℣. Glória Patri. Respice, Domine...

Graduale. Ps. 73, 20, 19 et 22. Réspice, Dómine, in testaméntum tuum: et ánimas páuperum tuórum ne obliviscáris in finem. ℣. Exsúrge, Dómine, et júdica causam tuam: memor esto oppróbrii servórum tuórum.

Allelúja, allelúja. ℣. Ps. 89, 1. Dómine, refúgium factus es nobis a generatióne et progénie. Allelúja.

Offertorium. Ps. 30, 15-16. In te sperávi, Dómine; dixi: Tu es  Deus meus, in mánibus tuis témpora mea.

Communio. Sap. 16, 20. Panem de cœlo dedísti nobis, Domine, habéntem omne delectaméntum et omnem sapórem suavitátis.

Why have all the texts of the propers automatically been adjusted to the width of the display window except for the Communion? it is a bit of boggling, and am about to give up at this point. It has occurred to me to wonder how the cloths that are used to cover the altar rail (and, yes, of course there is a name but it escapes me at the moment... houseling-cloths, perhaps), to capture any particles of the Host that may fall, serve their purpose if, after the priest returns to the altar, they are simply folded back into their original positions. Hmm. It is not an operation I can observe closely at Saint-E. because the video cameras purposefully avoid photographing the faithful at Communion; perhaps it is 'the fold' that ends up doing most of the capturing. 

The video recording of today's Mass.