A great fog last night, presumably because of yesterday...

Afternoon's 'drizzle', here anyway actually two or three episodes of intermittent very minimal showers, but it is all gone now, at some point after 0300. It is the feast of Saint Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist, as well as the feria quarta quattuor temporum Septembris, the first Ember Day of the season (which I personally keep as a day of abstinence and fasting although of course there is no canonical obligation any longer to do so). 

... One of Arvo Pärt’s main compositions, Miserere (completed in 1989), is one of the most dramatic and contrasting pieces among his tintinnabuli works. The composer has combined two texts of different origin and form: the prose text of Psalm 50 (51) is interlaced with verses from the Dies irae part of the Requiem. Psalm 50 (51) describes King David’s despair over his adultery and blood guilt, and has thus become a symbol of the human contrition of an individual. The text of Dies irae, on the other hand, depicts the Day of Judgement over all of mankind.... 

What ate the fresh pineapple chunks-- just past 'fresh' hence I threw the five or six of them out the window-- in the night? The opossum? the neighborhood rats? the rabbits? The dogs won't touch 'em. And the scrub jays are being just as nasty to each other this morning as they are to the Steller's jays. It is in their nature, I suppose, the greediness. Or perhaps they are very hungry. 

On to Holy Mass at Saint-Eugène in about a quarter of an hour. I have been chopping blackberry branches (or whatever they're called [the word I was searching for is canes]) back and a shower of rain began, continued while I finished what I could with the cutter I had, and then appears to have stopped when I came back into the house, ha. M l'Abbé Grodziski is the celebrant and Dr Ratovondrahety is at the organ, in honor of the Holy Apostle and Evangelist.

M. Grodzisky is quite properly commemorating the Ember Day after the sanctoral orations. 

Introitus. Ps. 36, 30-31. Os justi meditábitur sapiéntiam, et lingua 
ejus loquétur judícium: lex Dei ejus in corde ipsíus. Ps. ibid., 1. Noli æmulári in malignántibus: neque zeláveris faciéntes iniquitátem. V. Glória Patri.

Graduale. Ps. 111, 1-2. Beátus vir, qui timet Dóminum: in mandátis ejus cupit nimis. V. Potens in terra erit semen ejus: generátio rectórum benedicétur.

Allelúja, allelúja. V. Te gloriosus Apostolórum chorus laudat, Domine. Allelúja.

Offertorium. Ps. 20, 4-5. Posuísti, Dómine, in cápite ejus corónam de lápide pretióso: vitam pétiit a te, et tribuísti ei, allelúja.

Communio. Ps. 20, 6. Magna est glória ejus in salutári tuo: glóriam et magnum decórem ímpones super eum, Dómine.