The Paraphrase of Saint Bonaventure of the Salve Regina misericordiae...

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Hail! you Virgin of virgins, Morning Star, true remedy for even the most infamous crimes, Consoler of those in the clutches of evil, Irreconcilable Enemy of sin.


Queen of those who reign on earth, Immaculate Virgin, singular Mother amongst all mothers, you have given a Son to the world and have been called the Most High Lord's holy palace: do you bestow Heaven's abundant helps upon us.

Mater misericordiae.

You have merited to be called the Source of Mercy and the Mother of Grace because you have conceived the Most High King of glory, you have given Him life, and you have offered to the world the Author of its pardon.


The life, the way, the truth is sprung from the earth, and your Virginity has remained without any stain because your Humility made you worthy to be chosen by God when He our flesh upon Himself.


You are sweetness incomparable, of whom was born Him who is called the Lamb of God, whose blood, as a saving bath, has cleansed abandoned mankind's crimes, who has vanquished the demon, who is the most blessed fruit of your womb. 

Et spes nostra.

O Virgin Mary, you are our invincible hope, you are the flowering rod of Jesse, you are whom the Prophet showed us bedewed by Heaven, you are as beautiful as the purest snow, gentle Mother of God.


Hail, you light of the faithful, shining as the Dawn, more ravishing and sweeter than the lily. Thrust far from us without delay all that might be dangerous for us, and implore for us the Lord's help.

Ad te.

Unhappy men, plunged into the cursed depths of sinfulness, we raise our cries unto you; open the ears of your Holy Heart to our prayers so that delivered by you from the chasms of the abyss, we might freely follow the way of your Son. 


We sigh to thee with fervent emotion and we beseech thee with a tender love: destroy all the consequences of our perverse thoughts so far as this is possible.


We are all condemned to hard exile. In punishment for the crimes of our Parents, we have been deprived of glory and disinherited of the felicities of Heaven. But the gift of your gentleness has returned our rights to us. 


Thy children can only sufficiently express the miseries by which they are besieged, in all parts of the world, by their tears and groaning. Ceaselessly attracted by crimes worthy of eternal chastisement, they are strengthened by thy mercy.   


The fall of Eve caused us an irreparable hurt; she stole from us the blessed joy of Heaven. But it has been restored to us, gained by Him who took flesh of the Virgin, He who has broken death and destroyed the power of sin. 

Ad te.

Thy servants cry to thee unceasingly, raising faithful sighs to thee; they humbly implore the help of thy most high puissance. May thy mercy hear their prayers. 


We sigh and pour out our tears, our groans are ceaseless over the sins that we have committed. But thou, O Mother of piety, in thee have we put our trust that thou obtain for the sinner, truly broken in repentance, grace and mercy. 


We recall the sins of our days past, the faults by which our perverse spirit has been so often soiled, and we weep over them: but at the same time, O Virgin Immaculate! we hope in thee, beseeching thee that thou hear our vows of repentance.  

Et flentes.

We weep and our soul is prostrate from shame and sorrow; turn to us the divine light, O Virgin bountiful of goodness, purify with love the wounds sin has etched upon our hearts. Maria most lovable, ordain that we be united with the citizens of the heavenly homeland. 

In hac valle.

In this valley of misery, surrounded by so many darknesses, I see innumerable men for whom life is detestable and hideous; they multiply because of the crimes which they commit in the shamelessness with which they hide themselves. 


Abundant tears have flowed vainly from our eyes: old men, children and the whole people fear the loss of what the ambitious seek with ardor and what the man of the world pursues everywhere.

Eia ergo.

Raise and raise again therefore our souls from their falls; direct their course toward thee. Strengthen those who are tremble, straighten the way of those who have strayed, and look upon them with love: be the certain Guide of us unhappy ones who put our trust in thee. 


You are our noble and powerful Advocate before the Savior: do you hasten then to intercede for us, according to your accustomed mercifulness. May your maternal love so move us with its benign influence that your Son be disposed to favor of an unfortunate people.


Always the Virgin Mother has been the hope of the faithful, she is still in our days, and will ever be. She is for us the royal city within whose walls we are shielded from the blows of our enemies; she is the remedy, the Aegis, which scatters all evils far from us.

Illos tuos misericordes oculos ad nos converte.

Yes! Turn such eyes full of gentleness and of mercy toward us such servants so weakly united in good, who will with such unanimity  chase after evil; destroy the thorn of our flesh disposed to evil and all its crimes. 

Et Jesum benedictum.

Jesus, thy only Son, the blessed fruit of thy womb: do thou deign to dispose our eyes to see Him. He is glorious, full of tenderness and the enemy of lies. It is by Him that the human race, having been distant from God and, for a time, lost, is invincibly released from the bonds of death. 

Ventris tui.

Thy womb bore Jesus and thy blessed breast fed milk to Him who later the Jews covered with cruel wounds and who after so mistreating Him condemned Him to death upon the Cross.  

Nobis post hoc exilium ostende.

After this our exile do thou show us thy fulness of mercy, give us Jesus thy Son. Bestow upon us thy maternal and powerful protection: deign to come to our defense at the moment when we are judged. 

O clemens !

O ineffable clemency of the sovereign Goodness! Daughter of Adonaï the Most High God, flower of virginity, pardon of hardened sinners, Mother of tenderness, joy of virgins and great mantle of charity!

O pia !

O pious and tender Queen of Heaven! thou are the most worthy and most splendid of the creatures made by the hands of God; thou are the Virgin M
ost Prudent, the glory of Confessors and the most signal honor of the Apostles. 

O dulcis !

O Virgin of sweetness unadulterable, sweeter than honey and sweetest ray of light, most pure dove, never did the slightest shadow darken thy heart: Mother of benignity, repel far from us, we beseech thee, every thing that might soil even slightly our innocence.

Virgo Maria.

Good sweet Lady, demand with confidence of thy Son that He deign to receive in glory whoever in thy honor will recite with love that which I've written to thy praise.