Quinímmo beáti, qui áudiunt verbum Dei et custódiunt illud...

Yet another beautiful morning and the temperature in the upper 50s was a great pleasure as I was out walking. Have been listening to Charles Koechlin's 5 Sonatines op 59 for the last couple of hours; splendid accompaniment to the glories of the day.

Today in most places is the Commemoratio Sanctae Mariae in Sabbato, but it is the anticipated Vigil of Our Lady's Assumption (tomorrow being Sunday) before papal fussing about, through 1939. I didn't get up for the streaming of Mass from Saint-Eugène at (it was one or the other) 0030 or 0200 (there was a glitch in the streaming, anyway, and so 'my Mass' would have begun with M. Grodziski's sermon). Depending upon which calendar one is using, either Saint Eusebius or Saints Hippolytus and Cassianus are commemorated. 

The Mass of the Vigil is Vultum tuum deprecabuntur

The Gradual is well-known.

Benedícta et venerábilis es, Virgo María : quæ sine tactu pudóris invénia es Mater Salvatóris. V/. Virgo, Dei Génetrix, quem totus non capit orbis, in tua se clausit víscera factus homo.


The lesson from the Holy Gospel for today is from Saint Luke, 11,27-28:

In illo tempore : Loquénte Iesu ad turbas, extóllens vocem quædam múlier de turba, dixit illi : Beátus venter qui te portávit, et úbera quæ suxísti. At ille dixit : Quinímmo beáti, qui áudiunt verbum Dei et custódiunt illud.

There is no Alleluia because it is a Vigil. The antiphona ad Offertorium

Beáta es, Virgo María, quæ ómnium portásti Creatórem : genuísti qui te fecit, et in ætérnum pérmanes Virgo.


And the Communion antiphon.

Beáta viscera Maríæ Vírginis, quæ portavérunt ætérni Patris Fílium.