Another cloudy morning, a Dawn without her native splendor...

But I will say that the coven of mages predicts a high temperature of only 80 later on; this very much lessens my unhappiness at Eos being coy. It is the the 5th day infra Octavam Assumptionis Beatissimae Virginis and the feast of the Confessor Saint John Eudes, famous I believe for his devotion to the Most Sacred Heart. The Mass Os iusti is said for the feast; whether M. Grodziski says that or, perhaps, one of the Masses of Our Lady, we shall see in three hours or so. 

According to the search engines at YouTube, Anton Bruckner is the only composer who ever wrote a setting for Os iusti, which surely cannot be the case. Hmm. Guillaume Dufay? I suppose it is a question of how the producers and marketers list their products at YouTube. 

Arrived late to M. Grodziski's Mass; while I know he is saying the Mass of the feast of Saint John, I haven't been able to figure out which formulary he's using-- it is Os iusti so far as the proper parts go but the lessons are other than what the common of confessors not bishops supplies. Eh; am not going to fuss over it this morning.