Already we've come to the 9th Sunday post Pentecosten...

And while it has felt vaguely autumnal in the last few days, the weather mages (one coven of them, anyway) is predicting for today another hundred degree day. We shall see et cetera. And yet again I failed to rise from my bed to follow the live-streaming of Holy Mass from Saint-E. in Paris (at 0145). The video is infra, the libellum here.

The Introit is Ecce Deus adiuvat me.

The Gradual is Domine, Dominus noster, and the Alleluia Eripe me de inimicis meis, Deus meus.

The Offertory antiphon is Justitiae Domini rectae.

And the Communion antiphon Qui manducat.

The Solesmes text reads 'carnem meam' (as does my Liber usualis, for what that's worth) but the one used in Saint-Eugène reads 'meam carnem', as do the Vulgata Nova and Weber-Gryson (the passage is John 6,56/57)-- I wonder what's up with this.