Another damp and grey Dawn...

Following upon a week of such mornings-- but (not that I actually recall each day's weather) there has been a good amount of sunshine during the afternoons, and a couple of afternoons of high winds. Eh; Spring. 

Today is the 3rd Sunday post Pascha but at Saint-Eugène the feast of Saint Jeanne d'Arc is observed. Her feast in the ecclesiastical calendar is the 30th; today, the second Sunday in May, is the day appointed for the 'national feast of Jeanne d'Arc and of patriotism'. The republicans couldn't not celebrate la Pucelle d'Orléans after her canonisation at Rome by Benedictus XV on 16 May 1920 so they devised this 'solution'. My presumption is that the Church in France solemnizes the fête nationale in a valiant attempt to christianize it; as in much else I think that this observance survives at Saint-E. when in most other churches (particularly those where the Pauline Rite is celebrated exclusively) it is forgotten or abolished-- but, who knows, perhaps I'm mistaken. Every year I have to look about online because I have failed to recall which feast is the real feast and which is 'the other one'. 

The video recording of this morning's Mass is infra; the libellum is here. Yet again I stayed asleep and didn't follow the streaming of the Mass at 0200. And I have to go out to the parish here in a bit because the 'vigil' Mass in the Latin of the Pauline Rite was cancelled yesterday evening for whatever reason. It is begun to rain.

Charles Gounod's Mass 'Aux Chapelles'  and the Credo III are sung, and, at the Communion, Charpentier's Jesu corona virginum, H 16. 

Today's recording doesn't seem to want to be found quite yet and I must prepare to go out.