While here I've just completed Terce...

At Paris, at Saint-Eugène, they are about to begin Vêpres stationnales, Vespers of the Solemnity celebrated in the sanctuary of the church as usual but also at two other stations. This extension and aggrandizement of the Hour belongs to the proprium Parisiensis but there is a long history of course, beginning with the Roman stational churches via the unhappy but not necessarily fruitless papal sojourn at Avignon. The libellum is here. [Thursday 21 April. An article today at NLM by Gregory DiPippo discusses this practice of 'stational Vespers'.]

After the Psalms and responsoria, the Victimae paschali laudes is sung where in ordinary time the hymn would be sung, before the Magnificat. Then the procession is made to the baptismal font. After Psalms and responsoria, the Magnificat is again sung. A second procession, Psalms, and chants, to the third station, the Cross at the choirloft (I think; my 'geography' of Saint-E. is rather sketchy, ahem), where the Magnificat is chanted for a third time. Then the celebrant and party return to the sanctuary for Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament, as usual. 

The antiphon Ego sum Alpha et Omega is sung at the Exposition of the Sacrament.

Unfortunately, there seems to be yet another glitch in the streaming, tsk, which is very disappointing. It seems to be that there are sometimes problems that not all the volunteers in the TD are equally capable of resolving but this time, we are told, it's a glitch on the part of one of the 'fournisseurs de service'; they are going to try to stream the 'delayed live transmission' at 1000. 

I never do simply watch the videos of Mass-- if I cannot follow the liturgical action in real time, eh, I have no desire to watch videos of it. But Vespers, well, not being the confection of a sacrament, I don't mind just watching: in this case, though, it will be later in the afternoon because I have to go out to Mass here, to the parish church, at 1100. Eh. Life is wonderful.

Here is this Vespers from a year or two ago.