Sabbato in Albis...

Next year, Deo volente: every day in the Octave at 1000 and so I foolishly presumed that today's Mass, Eduxit Dominus, would also be at streamed at that hour-- it began at 0200, though, tsk. Every day except for Monday, ahem. Next year, every one of the Octave Masses. Eh. The video recording is infra; the texts are here (and at Divinum Officium).

The one benefit of being reduced to listening to the recording is that I can ignore the sermon, i.e. I don't feel obliged to attempt to follow it. With effort I manage to understand more or less a tenth part, or a bit more if it happens to be Father X. or Father Y. preaching.  

The Schola today seems to be represented only by M. Vardon and three others. That four voices can create such a beautiful music in the service of the divine Majesty is truly one of the wonders of His Creation.