Feria IIIa Paschatis, the third day of Easter...

Tuesday in the Octava Paschalis. I checked the YouTube page several times between yesterday evening and this morning at about 0700, and there was no page for this Mass, Aqua sapientiae potavit eos. Then errands and whatnot supervened and of course I had returned to my reading when at 1010 it suddenly dawned on me to check to see if the stream was happening, as indeed it was. At this point I have baked potatoes to take from the oven and a cake to put into it; it's a good thing that my little Bose speaker is as powerful as it is. I won't entertain any doubts about tomorrow's Mass streaming at the announced hour. 

The epistle is from the 13th chapter of the Actus Apostolorum.

The Gradual and Alleluia.

The Victimae paschali laudes precedes the Gospel (from Saint Luke today, 24,36-47). This is the Dominican Rite version, and the video recording is, too, although how they fit it into a minute I don't know. The one and only time I ever sang it (at the Vigil, no less, quite contra legem but with the connivance of the Jesuit pastor) it seemed like it went on for an excruciating half an hour. 

The antiphona ad Offertorium, and that ad Communionem

The video recording of this Mass follows.

And the Regina caeli laetare. At Saint-Eugène, the Marian antiphon is sung whilst the celebrant of the Mass recites the Last Gospel, i.e. the Prologue to the Gospel of Saint John. The version notated is from the 1934 Graduale edited by the Benedictines at Solesmes. 

The recorded version is of 'the solemn tone'-- am not sure which book it is taken from; it certainly isn't the 1934 Solesmes chant.