Numquid via mea non est aequa, et non magis viae vestrae pravae sunt?

The Prophet Ezechiel, in the first lesson of Holy Mass for today, responds to the whining self-exculpatory nonsense of the Israelites, 'is it that my ways are unjust, or rather are not your ways depraved?'-- would that more of the Bishops would imitate the Prophets in these latter days, tsk. It is Ember Friday, and the Introit was De necessitatibus meis. 

Am not much inclined to hunt up the propers at YouTube but will remember to include the recording of the Mass-- I realized earlier that I've been neglecting to do that. The libellum provided by the Schola is here; the Gospel is Saint John 5,1-15, in which Our Lord's healing of the poor paralytic, who had no one to help him into the pool of Bethsaida, is related. 

I don't believe I've used Orlando Lassus's Emendemus in melius (one of the three Matins responsories for the 1st week of Lent) yet but, eh, even if I have done....