Grey and damp and not sunny...

This morning but, eh, Spring is Spring. Today is the 3rd Sunday of Lent; the Introit is Oculi mei semper ad Dóminum.

César Franck's motet Pour un temps de pénitence, a setting of the Tract Dómine, non secúndum peccáta nostra (appointed for the ferial Masses of Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays of Lent), was sung at the Offertory.

The video recording of the Mass is here.

Was happy to see earlier that this year's Musicking Conference at the University of Oregon (they are on Facebook, too) will feature a performance by the Oratorio Ensemble of Giovanni Paolo Colonna’s La Profezia d’Eliseo (1686). (UO Professor Marc Vanscheeuwijck, cited a few times in the Wikipedia article linked supra and grand panjandrum of the Musicking Conference, is retiring this year.) And, happily enough, by chance or design and in any case under the benevolent gaze of Providence, the Conference is happening during the Easter Octave and not a week earlier. The recording is of Colonna's oratorio Il transito di San Giuseppe

And the video of Vespers.