A blessed and happy feast of Saint Benedict to all...

And may his powerful intercession be sought for the end of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and a satisfactory resolution of the issues that made it seem a good thing to Vladimir Putin et alii.

I said Matins and Lauds from the Benedictine books but have reverted to the Roman for the remaining Hours.

The only reason I came here was to register my delight that Durandus, in his Rationale (written in the 13th century), can prose on about today's Mass-- it then being In Deo laudabo verbum-- and it is today's Mass still.

Durandus notes that-- it must be recalled that in the Epistle, the Prophet Eliseus commanded the barbarian Naaman to bath three times in the waters of the Jordan River so that God would heal him of his leprosy, foreshadowing Our Lord's Baptism and the Sacrament etc--

Sed quia baptismus datur per Trinitatem, ideo de Trinitate est Introitus: In Deo laudabo verbum [Ps 55], et ponitur ibi ter hoc nomen Deus, et est de tertio tono, quod totum contingit, propter hoc quod loquitur de Trinitate.

For because Baptism is administered in the Name of the Trinity, therefore the Introit speaks of the Trinity, in Deo laudabo verbum and so on, and therein is mentioned three times the Most Holy Name of God, and because it speaks of the Trinity it is composed in the third tone, which contains all. 

More or less. No idea why the third Gregorian tone-- notice the three beneath the abbreviation of introitus in the top left hand of the image-- is considered to totum contingit unless it is that three is considered to be the perfect number because of the Most Holy Trinity but, eh. I wonder if there is a recording at YouTube... apparently not; but there is of the entire Mass, from the Brighton Oratory last year.