A lovely Dawn and beautiful early morning...

With the temperature not (as a certain group of mages predicted) in the mid-teens but in the mid-30s (as a different group of mages predicted). Perhaps in the morning when I go out for the first walk I will be missing gloves. In fact, I have none but have had; cannot for the life of me recall what happened to the last pair. Left them somewhere, probably, so there's a chance that someone anyway has gotten good use of them-- as I recall they were fairly new. Am not planning on buying another pair, ever, although perhaps in 30 years I will be so decrepit that I need to. 

Followed the streaming of Holy Mass from the Shrine of Our Lady at Warrington (which, as I know because I had to check the beginning time, is more or less equidistant from Liverpool and Manchester in England) for (what is in the 1960 Kalendarium Romanum) the feast of the Chair of Saint Peter. Prior to that edition it was the feast of Saint Peter's Chair at Antioch (where Christians were first called Christians)-- and there was also a feast of Saint Peter's Chair at Rome in addition to the major feast of the Holy Apostles Saints Peter and Paul on June 29th. There is a long explanation etc etc the details of which don't stay in my head. 

It was a sung Mass, celebrated by Father de Malleray, celebrating also yesterday's news that the Sovereign Pontiff had confirmed (on the 11th, the feast of Our Lady Immaculate) the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter's right to celebrate the Mass and Sacraments according to the traditional liturgical books. The Te Deum was sung after Mass, even. Spes contra spem.

Calendar... I knew that there was some reason I was going to walk to Sheldon Plaza this morning-- I decided to put it off until tomorrow-- beside grocery shopping: am having the UPS store woman print out the pdf of Calendarium Romanum, the document from 1969 which 'reformed' the liturgical calendar for the sake of the Pauline Mass. Must find elsewhere something to put the hundred-odd pages into; the section I actually use fairly often is the one that describes why e.g. Saint Humanus is no longer celebrated on his traditional feast day i.e. I want that one easily accessible-- perhaps I need two folders or whatever. Am mildly surprised the the UPS people don't sell such things.