Haven't yet been out for a walk but the weather mages...

Tell me that it is 54 degrees F. and showery. Eh-- happy feast of Our Lord's Epiphany! I've said the Night Office at this point (it's about a quarter to four in the morning) and am having to decide whether to say Prime now or after the streaming of Holy Mass from Warrington: since am scribbling here, I expect that this means that I've already decided to say Prime after the Mass. Am having recourse to Warrington-- the Pauline Rite silly buggers having already celebrated, on Sunday, the feast-- because Saint-Eugène (am restraining myself from repeating my nonsense of a moment ago) is celebrating the feast on the Sunday upcoming-- either because the French reverendissimi ac excellentissimi domini command that this be done [the Pauline Rite feast was celebrated on Sunday 2nd, as here in the US] or because the Saint-E. people have elected to celebrate the feast's external solemnity then (I see that unstreamed Masses of the Epiphany are being offered today). If Warrington is on to some other feast or feria, then I'll turn to Saint-Nicolas in Paris. I've forgotten what liturgical celebration Saint Mary's here (in Eugene) is observing-- but am not going out, except for my walks. 

Made toast and tea for first breakfast and so of course returned here late from the kitchen, in the midst of the Introit, and couldn't tell which it was from the chanting, so while I know they are using festive vestments and singing the Gloria I still don't know if it the Mass Ecce advenit Dominator for Epiphany, tsk. It is, Deo gratias.

The choir is singing Personent Hodie at the Offertory, of which choice I thoroughly approve.

Post Missam, I said Prime and then went out for a walk. It is really in the mid-50s and more like Spring than the dead of Winter, albeit still an hour before sunrise.

After Terce and am heading out for a couple of miles of walking. I suspect that I'm going to stop for cappuccino on the return stretch-- the Soko people were closed from Christmas Eve until the day before yesterday; Tuesday I had my hands full walking back from the supermarket in the rain and yesterday was a day for fasting not coffee-imbibing.