Benedices coronae anni benignitatis tuae!

The verse 64,12a of Psalm 64: Vous bénissez la couronne de l’année, objet de Votre bonté; in Mons Knox's version, 'Thy bounty it is that crowns the year'. This is my poor translation of the Invocation of Fr Maximilien-Marie du Sacré-Cœur at the beginning of the year, from 2015. I assure any reader that whatever infelicities exist in the text are my fault, not his.


+ + +

O God, Sovereign and Eternal Father, Who remain always Thyself and for Whom the years do not pass, grant us to piously live this new year in Thy service.

Let us not be deprived of that which is necessary  for the life of our bodies and our souls, and grant us that we are able, in zeal and piety, to submit ourselves in all things to Thy holy will. 

Bless, O Lord, the crown of this year that Thou grace with Thy goodness, that our fields may be filled with an abundant harvest and that we, who journey in this valley of tears, may be clothed in Thy gentle peace. 

O Uncreated Word, Creator of the universe, and eternal Wisdom, Alpha and Omega of history and of this world, bless us with a superabundant largesse  when we come humbly to place ourselves under Thy all-powerful and most merciful protection and with Thy graces which we ask of Thee for each of these days that form the crown of the year now begun.

May Thy peace preserve this country, keep our cities, and guard our families, by the intercession of Thy Most Holy Mother ever Virgin, by Whom Thou have come into our midst in the fullness of time: save our souls and preserve them from every sin, and by the virtue of Thy saving Blood protect us from the assaults of the enemy. 
Sovereign Master of the ages, Holy Ghost, divine Paraclete, by Whom the years and the ages are brought to their final end, we present to Thy gracious Majesty the crown of this new year, that Thy sweet bounty may fill each day with Thy gifts, by which Thou help us to remain faithful to the precepts of Our Lord Jesus Christ and to go forward in the ways pleasing to Him, avoiding evil and doing good, so that when our hour comes, we may rest with humble confidence in the embrace of His arms.