When I went out shortly after 0300...

I could have sworn that the falling rain seemed, in the light of the porch bulb, to be in the form of sleet; but if it was it was so only very briefly because by the time I made it down the (three) steps, it was just cold rain. Which continued and indeed became more cold and more copious as the two miles of walking drew to its conclusion. The weather mages are going on about the likelihood of snow, even inches of snow, in the southern Willamette Valley over the weekend; we shall see if we have our 'Christmas miracle'.


Saint-Eugène is having troubles with its streaming capabilities, tsk, such that the entire day's programs are only doubtfully available-- the implication I take from the announcement is that the recordings are being made and then put onto the YouTube channel. We shall see. I've put on the 'reminder on' button for all the three Masses streamed from Saint-Nicolas for the day. (Am going downtown for the 0730 Mass tomorrow morning; this will likely conflict with Vespers from Saint-E.-- this of no consequence as things stand now.)

At Prime this morning, the Martyrology began with the announcement of the celebration of Our Lord's Nativity. 

Anno a creatione mundi, quando in principio Deus creavit caelum et terram, quinquies millesimo centesimo nonagesimo nono; a diluvio autem, anno bis millesimo nongentesimo quinquagesimo septimo; a nativitate Abrahae, anno bis millesimo quintodecimo; a Moyse et egressu populi Israel de Aegypto, anno millesimo quingentesimo decimo; ab unctione David in Regem, anno millesimo trigesimo secundo; hebdomada sexagesima quinta, juxta Danielis prophetiam; Olympiade centesima nonagesima quarta; ab urbe Roma condita, anno septingentesimo quinquagesimo secundo; anno Imperii Octaviani Augusti quadragesimo secundo, toto Orbe in pace composito, sexta mundi aetate, Jesus Christus, aeternus Deus aeternique Patris Filius, mundum volens adventu suo piissimo consecrare, de Spiritu Sancto conceptus, novemque post conceptionem decursis mensibus, in Bethlehem Judae nascitur ex Maria Virgine factus Homo. Nativitas Domini nostri Jesu Christi secundum carnem.

The streaming business from Saint-Eugène seems to be working more or less as it should-- the chanter has just finished singing the first lesson of Matins. Evidently, the Schola is only singing the first nocturn before proceeding to the Te Deum and then the carols that preceed Midnight Mass (or else the program is in error: and since anything seems possible these days, I even checked to see if perhaps Matins in the 1960 books had been reduced to only one nocturn from the traditional three: no).

Some hours later, ahem, we are arrived at the lesson from the Apostle's epistle to the blessed Titus, and to the Gradual and Alleluia. I think I ought not to have gotten up at 0130 or whenever it was, tsk.

The Tollite hostias, the final chorus from Camille Saint-Saëns' Oratorio de Noël sung during the incensing of the altar at the Offertory, rather woke me up.