The Holy See has chosen today to publish...

A series of responsa ad dubia about the implementation of the motu proprio of Pope Francis entitled Traditionis Custodes. As when the motu proprio itself was published, I was appalled and angered. Among the provisions is the limitation to personal parishes of the Rituale and the complete prohibition of the use of the Pontificale. Priests who would like to begin to celebrate the Traditional Mass must now approach their bishops who must in turn obtain the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments' authorization-- unlike in Traditionis Custodes itself which simply required the bishops to consult with the Congregation. I must return to today's mess and thoroughly re-read or read it-- in my disgust this morning I only skimmed the document. 

Am going to include here a few paragraphs from Dr Peter Kwasniewski's post today at OnePeterFive. I'm sure I'll have other words of wisdom to record but, for now, this will do. Kwasniewski is describing the choices various persons in the Church will have to make-- bishops, priests of the 'Ecclesia Dei' institutes, diocesan priests, and the laity.

Laity, too, have choices to make, but the best choice would be to take the steps that will ensure that the tradition will continue long after the aging nostalgics of Vatican II have passed to their eternal reward. They should attend only the traditional liturgy as a matter of principle, even moving nearer to a place of secure access to it. They should joyfully celebrate the riches of the old liturgical calendar in their families and pass on the burning torch of faith to the next generations.

In its abundance of charity, the CDW explains that the liturgies of such Catholics are not part of the ordinary life of the parish; the activities of this group should never coincide with those of the parish; the group should be jettisoned from a parish as soon as may be; their Masses may not be advertised in the schedule; and presumably no new members are to be invited, since the group is hermetically sealed off to prevent cross-contamination. All this, and yet Roche has the gall to say: “There is no intention in these provisions to marginalise the faithful”?

The response of a healthy Catholic to such offensive impertinence and worse-than-racist prejudice is to say: “To hell with you” (for that is where such ideas came from and belong). “We will announce our Masses far and wide. We will keep publishing our books, brochures, missals, and every sort of paraphernalia. We will advertise our activities and invite new attendees. We will promote tradition actively among friends, family, strangers, and potential converts. We will channel our donations to its support. We will, in short, do everything in our power to ensure that your unjust war against tradition meets with the embarrassing and inglorious defeat it richly deserves. Deus vult. You will never, ever win.”

If your diocesan TLM is canceled, go to the SSPX for Sundays and Holy Days. Pray the rosary and the traditional breviary at home. If you don’t have any Latin Mass in your area at all, find an Eastern Catholic rite or, should it be available, an Anglican Ordinariate parish.

I'm confident that Mons Sample (himself favorable to the Traditional Mass) here in the Archdiocese of Portland won't disturb the status quo. There is a Ukrainian Catholic parish next door, as it were, in Springfield. For the time being, I'll continue, most of the time anyway, hearing Mass in the Pauline Rite in Latin at my parish here because of the travel challenges involved in getting to the Traditional Mass in Veneta (where both the Archdiocese and the SSPX have parishes).