Happy feast of Saint Thomas!

Have been out and about today, principally to the doctor's office (evidently I've managed to get an ear infection). This is the only time in memory when I've seen a doctor who has actually 'gone over time' i.e. by which I mean I had to telephone the cab company dispatcher and put off my collection time (and this not because of the ordinary lateness with which physicians seem to be required to begin their encounters with patients-- believe me, I have learned to factor that fifteen or twenty minutes into the schedule). 

I want to note the Neumz Advent calendar video for today; I've haven't watched it yet but it features (if I've understood aright) a group of the reverend nuns of the Abbey of Jouques discussing how they came to learn and appreciate the Latin of our Sacred Liturgy. But now I have to go out to collect my antibiotic ear drops from the pharmacy. It has become grey and damp and probably again foggy; Winter in Eugene.