Greys and mauve on this partly cloudy morning...

With brief indigo and violet stretches, earlier. Holy Mass will be streamed from Saint-Eugène at 1000, in about an hour and a half. The program will include the great antiphon and Magnificat from Vespers at the Communion.

O Sapiéntia, quæ ex ore Altíssimi prodiísti, attíngens a fine usque ad finem, fórtiter suavitérque dispónens ómnia: veni ad docéndum nos viam prudéntiæ.

No catastrophic news from Rome this morning, anyway. 

The Ambrosian Rite Rorate caeli is lovely (sung during the Offertory, in this case). 

Tomorrow is the feast of the Expectation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, celebrated originally in Spain (there is a long story as to the 'why', I think, unless I'm getting this confused with a different feast-- no, I remembered aright, vaguely anyway) and then in France and elsewhere. The French expression is 'l'Attente de l'Enfantement'. I think I will add the commemoration to the Office, at Lauds; judging by the 1897 Paroissien nantais that I have, it is the Office of Our Lady's Annunciation with a couple of proper antiphons at each Vespers. I'll use this antiphon, provided for Second Vespers.

O Virgo virginum, quomodo fiet istud? quia nec primam similem visa es, nec habere sequentem. Filiae Jerusalem, quid me admiramini? Divinum est mysterium hoc quod cernitis. 

Then the Offertory, Ave Maria, divided into verse and response, and the Collect from the feast of the Annunciation.

Deus, qui de beátæ Maríæ Vírginis útero Verbum tuum, Angelo nuntiánte, carnem suscípere voluísti: præsta supplícibus tuis; ut, qui vere eam Genetrícem Dei crédimus, ejus apud te intercessiónibus adjuvémur. Per eúndem Dóminum nostrum Jesum Christum Fílium tuum, qui tecum vivit et regnat in unitáte Spíritus Sancti, Deus, per ómnia sǽcula sæculórum. R. Amen.

Time for my 4th and probably final walk of the day, bringing me to a total of 7.2 miles.