A beautiful Autumn day...

Although it too hot for me, on the Kalends of December: almost 65 degrees F.  Have walked 6.9 miles thus far and, as satisfying as it is to contemplate yet another walk, after supper, say, I know I failed to do this last evening, and so may again tonight. 

I have caught up with the Neumz 'Digital Advent Calendar' videos finally (on the fourth day of the season, so not really so terrible). An hour of illumination and learning; but am going to take care to listen each day from now on, ahem. 

That is Dr Alberto Diaz-Blanco, who is one of the Neumz principals and a very experienced musicologist and Gregorianist (which is apparently a real word, although not one often used in quotidian American life), for the 1st Advent Sunday. 

There must be some way to access the Calendar, ha, although looking about briefly I don't see it on the Neumz site. I will be happy to forward the emailed links if someone interested who is more clever than I am still can't, in spite of that, find them on the site.