The morning's sunlight has been obscured...

This afternoon by clouds, this afternoon and through tomorrow afternoon at least: but certainly predictions even that short while into the future are as often wrong as right. 

Happy feast of Saint Andrew, Christi fámulus, dignus Dei Apóstolus, germánus Petri, servant of Christ, worthy Apostle of God, brother of Peter, et in passione socius, and companion in... I am presuming that this means 'fellow martyr with his brother' but it may mean 'companion in the Passion'-- all martyrdoms, after all, exist in and derive their significance from Our Lord's Passion and Death. 

I appreciate the fifth of the proper antiphons for Saint Andrew's feast and will wager my entire earthly fortune that it is not found in the Pauline Rite's Office. 

Qui persequebántur justum, * demersísti eos, Dómine, in inférno, et in ligno crucis dux justi fuísti.

O Lord, Thou hast caused them that persecuted the just to be swallowed up in hell, but to the just Thou hast thyself led the way upon the wood of the Cross.

'Being thrust into Hell for one's sins' is not calculated to much appeal to the modern cleric. 

Am on my way out for the fourth walk of today-- 4.8 miles thus far. Ha; I believe that the Sun is about to come out of his prison.