Raining on this happy feast of All Saints...

And a bit chilly. Beginning on the 20th of September, I began experiencing all sorts of nonsense with my stomach and bowels; the long and short of it is that eventually it was figured out that I had a gallstone, now happily disposed of. Came out of the hospital on the 24th of October and am re-adjusting to eating semi-solid and solid foods. Am returned to my three walks a day regime, and hope by Sunday to be up to walking to the supermarket-- will need to call for a Lyft or Uber to return with the week's shopping but a ride one way only will be much an improvement. Am investigating purchase of one of those wheeled shopping carts-- very much an Old Man's thing, in my imagination anyway, but I ought to be up to walking the round trip before so much longer. 

Vespers from Saint-Eugène seems not to be streaming, alas, so am watching the recording of Holy Mass from 0200. The ordinary is the Cunctipotens Genitor Deus from the 10th century; the sequence, from the Proper of Paris, is Sponsa Christi quae per orbem. The livret is here.

I can only sit comfortably at my desk for a limited number of minutes at a time so will have to see how this blogging goes.