Has been partly cloudy all day...

Which of course means also 'partly (in this case, mostly) sunny'. But in the earliest hours, it was raining hard and the new rain jacket proved its worth when I went out for the 1st walk shortly after 0430. I'm not planning on having to buy another rain jacket. 

From today's (London) Times; Quentin Letts describing a rather stupid MP from Scotland.

... Dim Deidre Brock (SNP, Edinburgh North & Leith) told Patel to “stop talking about it simply as a French-UK issue”. This came after prolonged, repeated assertions from Patel that the matter was, er, complex, had global origins and affected numerous European countries. One sometimes wonders what, if anything, goes on behind Brock’s beetling gaze. She is like a car parked at a beauty spot, its windscreen wipers flipping at double-speed, its radio blaring, yet with absolutely no one inside.
Nobody at the New York Times writes honestly and with directness like that. Sigh. 

It was yesterday, I believe, having seen hawks both Tuesday and Wednesday, that I lamented the lack of any sightings of 'wildlife' (apart from the squirrels and jays in daily attendance below my window wanting their ration of peanuts). As I left on the 2nd walk, about an hour before sunrise, I saw three raccoons scurrying across Cal Young Road: whether the third was in pursuit of the first two or the second two were both after the first I've no idea certainly but there was an awful lot of hissing and angry chatter. I shouldn't like to be chased anywhere by irritated raccoons.

There seems to be an 'angry raccoons' meme (am I using that term of art properly?) on YouTube and elsewhere. They do look to be quite ferocious when provoked. Am now on my way out for the 5th walk.