3+ miles of walking today...

Which is a record, 'post-episode'. Of course, I was out in a vigorous rain shower for .7 mile of it-- the return .7 mile was semi-sunny and certainly not raining, eh.

I roasted parsnips and carrots earlier, adding butter, garlic, shallot, and fresh chives, thyme, and rosemary after the roasting; delicious! A pity I only made sufficient quantity for two portions. Simplicity itself, so I can easily prepare it weekly.

Am listening to Giovanni Bonocini's La conversione di Maddalena (1701), a recording from 2020 by La Venexiana. 


A different work than his La Maddalena ai Piedi di Christo (1690) but I wonder if the later piece includes borrowings from the earlier. Somewhere I have the program, with text, from the University's Musicking Conference performance in 2017. I believe; I recall re-reading this at some point in the Summer. I do have a habit of discarding papers that in the moment I judge to be past their useful life, tsk.