Rain since just before midnight...

And then all through the early morning, although it is at the moment what one would probably 'a very light rain'; the mages predict that it is to happen throughout most of the day. The temperature range is 56 to 68 degrees F., so if it does really keep falling, the rain, I expect I shall have to put the heater on later. Today is the feast of the confessor Saint Joseph of Cupertino (Introibo, CE, Wiki), and in the more traditional calculus the Ember Saturday of September. Saint Joseph is the 'flying' saint-- it may be recalled, from the other day, that I first suspected Saint Nicholas of Tolentino was the flyer. The skeptical non-believers and professional modernists seem to have decided that Saint Joseph was exercising his gymnastic or martial arts moves (I think of Keanu in The Matrix), not levitating, which is very funny. Or else that he was suffering from ergot poisoning and convulsing from place A to place B. Am not 'invested in' the accounts of Saint Joseph's miracles but, unlike those fellows, I don't suppose a priori  that they did not or cannot have happened. The Mass is Dilectio Dei honorabilis sapientia. Which returns, at YouTube, Palestrina's Mass Assumpta est or an audiorecording of the sermons of Bossuet, inter alia. Hmm. This is, instead, the Jordi Savall 'Charpentier' album, that includes Charpentier's Stabat Mater H 15.

I looked for the Communion, Ego sum pauper et dolens, and couldn't find that, either. Tsk. Psalmus 68,30-31.

Ego sum pauper et dolens : salus tua, Deus, suscépit me. Laudábo nomen Dei cum cantico : et magnificábo eum in laude.

Tomorrow is the 175th anniversary of the appearance of Our Lady at La Salette. Late to Prime. 

Post Vesperas et post Missam. The Gospel for the 25th Sunday in tempore per annum (Mark 9,30-37). This is verses 30-37 but the verses are arranged differently somehow in the Vulgate (where this is verses 30-36); I know I ought to be able to see what is going on but will blame the relative lateness of the hour. 

Docebat autem discipulos suos, et dicebat illis: Quoniam Filius hominis tradetur in manus hominum, et occident eum, et occisus tertia die resurget. At illi ignorabant verbum: et timebant interrogare eum. Et venerunt Capharnaum. Qui cum domi essent, interrogabat eos: Quid in via tractabatis? At illi tacebant: siquidem in via inter se disputaverunt: quis eorum major esset. Et residens vocavit duodecim, et ait illis: Si quis vult primus esse, erit omnium novissimus, et omnium minister. Et accipiens puerum, statuit eum in medio eorum: quem cum complexus esset, ait illis: Quisquis unum ex hujusmodi pueris receperit in nomine meo, me recipit: et quicumque me susceperit, non me suscipit, sed eum qui misit me. 

It is also the feast of Saint Ferreolus (5th century), of Saint Eumenius (7th-8th century), and of Saint Justus (8th century). 

V. Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum. R. Deo grátias.