A splendid quiet early morning...

That feels balmy at 60 degrees F. The Mass for the 15th Sunday post Pentecosten is Inclina, Domine, aurem tuam (Introibo); Saint Lawrence Justiniani (Introibo) is commemorated but evidently not in the 1962 Missal: perhaps the innovations of John XXIII suppressed the commemoration when a Sunday occurs; I don't know. Finally, have managed my morning well enough so that I am following the livestream of Holy Mass at Saint-Eugène, the lesson from the Apostle to the Galatians being chanted now. 

M. Durodié, the new curé, is wearing religious habit? I don't know; perhaps he doesn't have a biretta and so is using one of those modern hooded albs. If only this is the most significant change introduced in the new regime! I seem to recall that M. le Curé was or is a priest of the Legionaries of Christ-- that they have a proper habit would be news to me but I am scarcely well-informed about such matters. He seems a fairly animated preacher. Pascal D. in the YouTube chat wonders if the gift of a biretta "à notre nouveau curé" wouldn't be appropriate, so I doubt that the 'religious habit' hypothesis is true.

The 1739 Dirigatur has returned during the incensation of the altar at the Offertory. The O salutaris Hostia, by Dr de Villiers after Alexis Kastorsky's setting of the Cherubic Hymn, was sung at the Elevation. And I see that Henry du Mont's Panis angelicus is being sung at the Communion. 

M. Vardon is directing the Schola this morning, which seems to be returned to full voice after the vacation month of August. 

After the Sub tuum praesidium sung at the Last Gospel, the hymn at the procession de sortie was O vous qui sur terre n’aspirez qu’au ciel of Hyppolyte Boutin (1849-1901) and Joseph Samson (1888-1957), maître de chapelle of the Dijon cathedral. The plainchant version of Sub tuum praesidium, and then Palestrina's.


Post Primam. A nap didn't happen after Mass although I shut my eyes for ten minutes. It is 57 degrees and getting a tad cooler still before the temperature mounts to 85 later on; eh. 92% relative humidity and that number is rising until 0900ish. Am fussing about, preparing to go out for my walk and the shopping. Drip, drip, on the way back unless there is a decent breeze. The video recording of the Mass earlier at Saint-Eugène.

Ante Tertiam. Am skimming the news sites whilst Pawel Wakarecy performs Chopin, in the Sunday recital at Żelazowa Wola.

Am following Vespers from Saint-Eugène. I notice that there are two new-to-me chants at Benediction after: the Marian antiphon is Sicut myrrha electa from the 13th century Antiphonarium of Notre-Dame in Paris, sung in the first nocturn of Matins of the feast of the Assumption, and the final chant is the antiphon, from the same source, In voce exultationis, from the second nocturn of Matins of Corpus Christi. 

It is also the feast of Saint Teresia (20th century), of Saint Anscarius (7th century), and of Saint Indeacht (6th century).

V. Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum. R. Deo grátias.