Clouds in the skies but I think they won't obscure the beautiful Dawn...

Arising. It is the Octave of Our Lady's Assumption (Introibo-- the Mass is Gaudeamus omnes i.e. the Mass as it was prior to Pius XII and the new Mass, Signum magnum), the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady (Introibo, CE, Wiki) and the 13th Sunday post Pentecosten (Introibo), depending upon which Kalendar one is paying attention to. At Saint-Eugène (where I'm listening now, post Officium, having decided not to confuse my morning with following the livestream at 0200), the Mass is Respice, Domine, with the commemoration of the feast of the Immaculate Heart.

Canon Guelfucci sounded to be under the weather, or else quite emotional, as he is nearing the end of his tenure at Saint-Eugène. I believe that he said (this, at the announcements after the Gospel; Père Grodziski is sermonizing) that the new pastor will be at Mass next Sunday. The Schola is undermanned this morning; Dr Ratovondrahety is having the opportunity to feature the organ.

The video recording of Vespers from Paris. Time for Sext here.

Post Vesperas. The mages predict a temperature in the 40s tomorrow morning.

It is also the feast of Saint Philip (13th century), of Saint John (17th century), and of Saint Hildebrand (9th century).

V. Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum. R. Deo grátias.