Overcast skies yet again but it is rather more humid...

This morning and a bit warmer. In the Traditional Rite it is the feast of the Visitation of Our Lady (Introibo, CE, Wiki) which is moved to the 31st May in the Pauline Rite; the Martyrs Saints Processus and Martinianus (Introibo, CE, Wiki) are commemorated. The Mass is Salve sancta Parens. And it is the fourth day infra Octavam Sanctorum Petri et Pauli.  

And the Gradual, Benedicta et venerabilis es, in two versions, that of Ensemble Organum and then of Solesmes.

The Alleluia, Felix es, sacra Virgo María.

The Offertory.

Beáta es, Virgo María, quæ ómnium portásti Creatórem: genuísti qui te fecit, et in ætérnum pérmanes Virgo.


The Communion, Beata viscera Mariae Virginis.

Time for Prime and Terce. I have to go out to collect a prescription at the pharmacy (it's Vitamin D, ha, but I can scarcely not pick it up, as silly as it is)-- they don't open until 0900. There is also a book held at the library (doesn't open until 1000) but am hoping that the second hold I've requested turns up within the next few days so that I only have to make one expedition out at such a late hour. 

It is also the feast of Saint Monegunda of Tours (6th century), of Saint Swithun of Winchester (9th century), and of Saint Lidanus da Sezze (12th century).

V. Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum. R. Deo grátias.