A lovely, breezy, calm morning...

At half past six; at 1700 the mages predict a temperature of 96 degrees-- not a cloud in the sky, unlike yesterday. In the Traditional Rite, it is the feast of Saint Martha (Introibo, CE, Wiki), on what would be the octave of Saint Mary Magdalene. The Introit of Saint Martha's Mass, Dilexisti iustitiam et odisti iniquitatem, is from the Common of Virgins.

Dilexísti iustítiam, et odísti iniquitátem: proptérea unxit te Deus, Deus tuus, óleo lætítiae præ consórtibus tuis.

Saint Augustine in the 9th lesson at Matins earlier:

Ne quis tamen vestrum fórsitan dicat: O beáti, qui Christum suscipere in domum propriam meruérunt! Noli dolére, noli murmurare quia tempóribus natus es, quando jam Dóminus non vides in carne. Non tibi ábstulit istam dignatiónem. Cum uni, inquit, ex minimis meis fecistis, mihi fecistis.

Maybe some will say: O how blessed were they who were worthy to receive Christ as a guest into their own home! but don't grieve or murmur because you have been born in an age when you cannot see Christ in the flesh. He hasn't denied you this dignity. For He says, as you have done it unto one of the least of these My brethren, you have done it to Me.

Time for Prime; I feel like I'm late to the show this morning but it's not yet seven. Fitful sleep, alas.

Dangerous ideas! It is argued by someone other than Father Hunwicke et alii that the Sacred Liturgy, the living expression of Sacred Tradition, exists, in all that concerns its vital parts, beyond the powers of the popes; no one argues that changes cannot be made by them, that they cannot prune the vine, as it were. But the creation of a new vine is certainly impossible. It is true that Mr Monaco needs an editor.  

... Thus, the liturgy has a logical priority over the pope, for without the liturgy, the Church has no reason to exist, nor any ability to participate in the divine life of the Holy Trinity. Tradition is the vehicle through which liturgy is transmitted-- just as we cannot create a new Calvary, Resurrection, or Pentecost, so too is it impossible to “create” a new liturgy. Its substance, as St. Paul writes, was first “received from the Lord” before being “handed over” (1 Cor 11:23). After all, when Christ commanded His Apostles to “Do this in memory of Me,” St. Peter did not dare to suggest “doing that”, instead. It is the pope who serves the Sacred Liturgy as its celebrant, protector, and transmitter-- to claim otherwise would not only reveal a severe misunderstanding of liturgy, but also [of] the papacy, as well.

Now to Prime.

Post Vesperas. It is indeed 96 degrees; down to 70 by midnight, with luck. Am listening to Charpentier's Messe pour les tréspassés H 2 (the Dies irae occupies 25 minutes or so). Then there is the Dies irae H 12. This is a recording of the Messe des morts H 10.

It is also the feast of Saint Joseph (19th century), of Saint Serafina (1st century), and of Saint Lupus (5th century).

V. Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum. R. Deo grátias.