Overcast, and a drop or two of rain as I walked...

Back from the supermarket. In the Traditional Rite, Saint Peter is not celebrated without there also being a memorial of Saint Paul and vice versa (I can't think of a better way to put it at this hour of the morning; 'the two Princes of the Apostles are never dissociated by the Liturgy' is what Introibo says)-- a feast of Saint Paul is followed the next day by a commemoration of Saint Peter and vice versa; in this matter, yesterday's feast counts as 'of Peter', hence today's commemoration (Introibo). (In the Pauline Rite, that custom has been suppressed and it is the feast of the Protomartyrs of the Roman Church.) And it is also the seventh day within the Octave of the Nativity of Saint John Baptist.

Post Primam. Dr Weigel at Catholic World Report this morning.

The Second Vatican Council taught that various Christian communities are in different degrees of communion with the Catholic Church. The same truth would seem to apply analogously within the Church. Catholics who reject the ancient Christian teaching on the grave moral evil of abortion and facilitate its practice-- a teaching affirmed and a practice condemned by every pope in Rep. DeLauro’s lifetime, including Pope Francis-- are not in full communion with the Church. They are always welcome at Mass. But their own integrity demands that they refrain from receiving holy communion until they are no longer in a gravely defective state of communion with the Church.

And that is the sad condition of the signatories of the DeLauro “Statement of Principles” who were in Congress last year. For each of them “earned” a 100% 2020 NARAL-Pro Choice America voting record in the House of Representatives. Each of them. 100%.

An encouraging fact: 10% of adult baptisms in France are of converts from Islam

The ominous rumbling of thunder continues. At Rorate Caeli, they have translated yesterday's the day before yesterday's post from Paix Liturgique. Someone pointed out earlier today that July 7th is the date (in 2007) when Benedictus XVI issued Summorum Pontificum. The gas produced by the two or three (souring) remnants of pineapple finally forced open the container that I'd thrown away into the trash yesterday evening: I thought someone had fired a gun for a second. The birds flew off, the squirrels took cover, the dog barked. And my little room smells heavily of fermenting pineapple, or did. Time for Sext.

Ante Vesperas. The Sun is breaking partially through the cloud cover at last but I'm hoping it's too late in the day for much of a temperature rise; two degrees, to 78 degrees, the mages predict. 

The antiphon at the Magnificat.

Estóte fortes in bello, et pugnáte cum antíquo serpénte: et accipiétis regnum ætérnum. Allelúja.

Be strong in battle, fighting the ancient serpent: and embrace the Kingdom of Heaven. Alleluia.

Post Vesperas. Most of the State of Oregon's plague-containment nonsense ended today, although there are some exceptions e.g. the grocery stores can still require masks, I think. Pft. One continues to have to mask on the buses although that is a federal requirement.

And it is the feast of Saint Martial, apôtre des Aquitaines (there's lovely image of a fresco from the Apostolic Palace at Avignon).

It is also the feast of the Holy Protomartyrs of the Roman Church (1st century), of Saint Lucina (1st century), and of Saint Peter of Asti (11th century).

V. Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum. R. Deo grátias.