Lovely Dawn, beautiful morning...

And am enjoying all the pleasures of the morning-- the coolness of the last of the night when I had my walk, the squirrels, the jays, scrambled eggs and toast, Jean-Marie Leclair's op 7 violin concertos. Too hot again later on but, eh, it is June and Summer.

It is the Tuesday in the 1st week after the Pentecost Octave (Introibo), the Mass being Domine in tua misericordia speravi. Today will be the only day this Mass is said, since Sunday was the feast of the Most Holy Trinity, both yesterday and tomorrow are feast days and then of course Thursday is the solemn feast of Corpus Christi, the feast of Our Lord's Body and Blood, with its Octave.

Dr Edward Feser's essay at Catholic World Report is a welcome reminder of the truths of Holy Religion. In these days of general apostasy, it is good to recall why we all remain faithful. I myself suffer no temptations against faith, Deo gratias et Domina Nostra, whatever my many other sins and faults. I have vaguely followed Messrs Dreher and (more recently) Skojec's troubles and trials, and do feel particularly sorry for Mr Skojec whose website with its donors is (evidently) the main source of income that provides for his family. But Mr Dreher's via sentimentalis is, as Dr Feser is obliged to point out, irrational and self-refuting. Reason isn't all but it is certainly an integral, an inalienable, aspect of reality. Spes contra spem.

Ante Vesperas. Finished the sixth item of the Commissario Brunetti series by Donna Leon; an entirely gratuitous subplot about the evils of Opus Dei detracted from the principal plot that had to do with the evils of overly pious old women, who were all of them ugly, fat, scheming, misshapen, and (in the one case) stinking. Volume seven is also priced at $3, so have taken the chance. The cost of the succeeding volumes rises to $11 so will have to make a decision. Will re-read the first book, the one I've owned since whenever, 2014, and then decide if my interest in Leon's art is significant enough to burn a ten dollar bill to read each book. The Public Library has these books, no doubt. Well, it has a double handful of them, not more; it has a larger number of Brunetti videos (had seen the titles on Prime, eh, I reckon) than books, tsk. The two volumes I placed holds on are large print versions, ha. I don't believe I've ever borrowed one of those before. Am working myself into a fit of righteous indignation, about to call the Library back and ask what percentage of their budget is spent on books and what on videos and DVDs. But the moment has passed. It is a beautiful afternoon and may not be quite as hot later on as it was predicted to be.

It is also the feast of Saint Justin (2nd century), of Saint Theobaldus (12th century), and of Saint Ronan (7th century).

V. Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum. R. Deo grátias.