It took me half a minute to realize that a title was missing here...

Although I knew something was off. The near-downpour of rain (it didn't rain at all, beyond a few wind-blown droplets) began about half past six last evening-- it was all anticlimactic: the rapidly darkened skies, the increasing winds, the almost palpable tension in the air and then, pft. A large part of the sky had cleared by the time the darkness of night fell. Eh. It is the feast of Saint Monica, mother of Saint Augustine (Introibo) and as usual Holy Mass will be streamed from Saint-Eugène at 1000.

Horrors; Spotify has 'updated' and I'm sure those people imagines that they have 'improved' its interface; I don't like it. For example. There used to be a button 'Discover', which would display rows of musicians and composers based on my listening history. Now, 'Discover' displays rows upon rows of subcategories that have mostly nothing to do with what I listen to e.g. Desi, Arab, K-Pop, League of Legends, EQUAL, Ramadan, AAPI Heritage Month and so forth. I understand that podcasts are a big deal to many people, which presumably explains things like Pop Culture and Higher Ground (hello, Mrs Obama) but.... Well, I am in error: all that nonsense is behind a button labelled 'Search', which makes of it a certain amount of sense, ahem. I still don't like the new interface if only because it is new and represents an imposition requiring me to expend my valuable time in order to figure out where what I want is; will give them the benefit of the doubt, I suppose, and presume that eventually I will find what I want. They haven't discounted the monthly fee, either, in recompense for this outlay of my time, tsk.  

It is also the feast of Saint Florianus (4th century), of Saint John (16th century), and of Saint Cassianus (4th century). 

V. Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum. R. Deo grátias.