One of those days...

It was a lovely sunny day through early afternoon yesterday but I was freezing toward 1800 or so: grey, a bit of rain. Damp. Eh. Damp and grey continues this morning, so far as I can tell. Today's the feast of Saint Venantius (Introibo, CE [why Wigand and not Venantius, I have no idea], Wiki) with the Mass Protexisti and also the 6th day... I forget that since the days of this Octave are always the same-- it does always begin on a Thursday, after all--  the books say feria tertia, Tuesday, not die sexto, the sixth day, infra Octavam Ascensionis Domini

Time for Prime.

Ante Vesperas. I have slept most of the day-- woke e.g. at 1050, as Mass ended-- and can't shake off this chill. I hope I'm not coming down with something, tsk. St Mary's informed us this afternoon that henceforward the right side of the church is for those who still want to mask and distance and the left side is for those who don't-- the presumption being, so far as I can tell, that the left-siders will have had the vaccination. 

Must be becoming a sentimental old man, but the aria Infelice, ch'ascolto of Isifele in Act III of Cavalli's Giasone struck me as incredibly poignant and beautiful earlier. Maybe I have a fever. Eh.

There has been a flock of birds outside in the trees that encircle the back yard all day long. Chatter, chatter, chatter. A sort of whistle, perhaps. Over and over. They stop occasionally and then return to their chattering. They are pudgy and dark colored; may be common starlings. No idea how many are out there. 

 It is also the feast of Saint John (6th century), of Saint Erik (12th century), and of Saint Potamon (4th century). 

V. Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum. R. Deo grátias.